Paul Blaine Henrie

Paul Blaine Henrie

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Oil on canvas by California artist Paul Blaine Henrie (1932-1999). 24 × 36, signed bottom left.

Paul Blaine Henrie, 1932-1999

Paul Blaine Henrie was an American painter and illustrator who was best known for seascapes and coastal scenes. Henrie was born Paul McKinley Henrie in Tampa, Florida. He established himself in 1960 in the artist community of Laguna Beach, California, where he lived in a hillside home with his wife and child. Henrie later moved to Carmel, California. Henrie became known for his watercolors and palette-knife oil paintings of California coastal scenes as well as exotic locales he had visited in Tahiti, Mexico and New Orleans. In works prior to 1961, his signature is "Paul Henrie" or "Blaine". Afterwards, he signed them "Paul Blaine Henrie". Henrie had several celebrity clients such as Vincent Price, Frank Sinatra, Princess Margaret and John Wayne. 

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