Manuel Rodriguez Sr. Etching

Manuel Rodriguez Sr. Etching

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Etching on paper, signed lower right, labeled on reverse, measure 18" by 18"

Manuel Rodriguez, Sr, 1912 

"The Father of Phillipine Print Making"

"Manuel Rodriguez,Sr. was born on Cebu city 1915. ( Abstract figurative prints & pointlst paitings) BFA, UP, 1939. Architecture studies. Mapua Univ, 1940-41. Architectural Draughtsman Cert, Central Inst of Technology Foundation Mla, 1945-46. Printmaking, Pratt Graphic Center, NY, 1960-62, on a Rockefeller fellowship. Photography, Little Falls, New Jersey, 1978. Known as the Father of Phil graphic art. Sons Manuel Jr ( Boy ), and Marcelino are painters/ printmakers. First solo, 1952, Phil Art Gallery. Has Mounted one-man shows at the Museum of Phil Art in Mla, 1983; and the Pacific Culture Museum in Pasadena, Calif, 1968. Has exhibited his prints at the Milwaukee Public Library, Wisconsin, in 1977. Conducted Amaun Workshop in NY in 1979. Represented the country at the Sao Paolo Biennale of 1964; Phil Graphics,Chatham Gallery, HK; Indian Triennale, New Delhi; and the Tokyo Biennale, Japan, all in 1965; Yugoslavia Biennale of 1968 and ’69. Included in the in the US of 1969-’70 sponsored by Pratt Graphics Center. Other important group exhibits include the 1953-55 < Phil Art Tour > sponsored by PAG; the 1959-65 < Phil Art Tour of Asia > sponsored by the AAp; the American Asso Artist, NY, 1962; the Chatham Gallery, HK; the CCP, 1980; In 1981, the exhibits at Sita Gallery, NY, Saxe Gallery, Toronto, the Univ of Windsor, Woodstock Gallery, Canada, the Grimsy Art Gallery, Cambridge, and the Intl Media Studies Foundation, NY. Also the 1982 exhibits at the World Bank, Washington , DC. Won 1st prize in modern painting , AAP Annual 1953. In 1953. In 1955, chosen in competition to be included in in NY. Best Graphic Art award, AAP 1962. Rep Cultural Heritage award, 1963. Award of Merit for the advancement of art in the Phil, AAP, 1973. Patnubay ng Kalinangan award, City of Manila, 1979. [20th CENT 1st ED-MD] *** His father was an engraver and goldsmith who did gold and silver ornaments for churches, designed liturgical vestments, and fashioned jewelry. In 1935, left Cebu for Manila and enrolled at the UP School of Fine Arts. His classmates included fellow Cebuanos Martino Abellana ad Julian Jumalon. When the debate between the conservations and the modernist was at its height. Rodriguez casted his lot with the modernists. Even before Rodriguez devoted himself to printmaking, he had already attained recognition as a painter. Rodriguez’s skill in serigraphy served him in good stead in the lean years of the war which broke out on the eye of his graduation from art school. After the war in 1948, he serigraphy or silkscreen to the local art scene, when he opened a small gallery to serve as outlet for the works of his students. In, 1958, recd a grant to the Pratt Inst, where he studied lithography and etching. In 1961, worked as a trainee in the print dent of the Museum of Modern Art in NY, after which the trained under the pioneer British printmaker, William Stanley Hayter, of Atelier 17 in Paris. Upon his return to the Phil in 1962, opened the Contemporary Arts Gallery for graphic artists at 1416 Mabini. He taught at the UST and PWU, where he established the graphic arts dept, making the popularization of printmaking his personal vision. Phil printmaking started to flourish mainly though the zeal of Rodriguez and the Phil Asso of Printmakers. Adiel Arevalo, Ivi Avellana-Cosio. Virgilio Aviado, were his pupils together with his own children, Boy Marcelino, Rey and Marietta. The production of his gallery-workshop was varied and prolific. From serigraphy, it branched out into lithography, woodcut , etching, aquatint, mezzotint, and dry-point prints. A resident of NY, he put up the Pioneer Print Center at 1170 Broadway. Beatrice Harding wrote a book on Rodriguez and his art, in 1974. [CCP Vol IV-AG] *** His passion for printmaking as a major means of artistic expressions antedates his 1960-62 visits to the atelier, workshop and lecture halls of noted printmakers such as Mauricio Lasansky and Gabor Peterdi in America, and fruitful encounters with Rogalski, Michael Ponce de Leon, Edmundo Izumi, Seong Moy, Kabshi, and William Hayter. Although trained in the academic tradition of realistic copying from nature, he prefers to deal with highly astract human forms and experiments in textual values. [Silangan Vol III No 3 Jan 1963] *** The most active presence behind the PAP, he runs a vertible establishment of his own in Malte, where with unflagging guru zeal, he shares printmaking techniques and ideas with a slew of young up- and coming talents. More than anyone, he has done the most to make the print a popular medium and give it a chic image among patrons, who ordinarily support only exhibits of painting. Rodriguez and his sons Manuel Jr and Marcelino , are long on shher technique and one can count on their technical virtuosity and finesse [Silangan Vol XV No 3 Apr 1970]."


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